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The Passion Center for Children serves children orphaned by the AIDS epidemic in Malawi. We seek to rescue those children at greatest risk, providing food, comfort, medical care, and a safe place to live in the name of Jesus Christ.

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November 2014 Newsletter

Not all the news coming from Africa is bad or threatening!

Today, as we write this, the future of another orphan might have changed forever! That’s what we’re praying for and that’s what we’re working towards. Mavuto (not his real name) is our newest Passion Child!

Every Passion Child has a unique story, and like Mavuto, they share three common traits

  • First, each of them needs rescuing. Unless someone enters into their situation to change it, their futures are bleak at best.
  • Second, they all need to hear and experience the good news of God’s redeeming grace. Knowing it’s God’s love behind their needs being met, is the first step to understanding God’s kindness and offer of salvation in Christ.
  • Thirdly, as confidence in God’s goodness grows, many become convinced God’s plans for them, extend also to the needs of others. Our older Passion Kids are helping to restore broken communities and making God’s Hope known to others.

Back to Mavuto, his mother died when he was three years old and his father abandoned him soon thereafter. He’s missed about five years of education, is HIV positive, and also has hearing problems. An aunt took him in, but she’s unable to consistently provide meals or pay his school fees. But, today the work begins of turning his story into one demonstrating God’s great love and grace!

There are three things you can do to help us:

  1. Pray for a sponsor for Mavuto. Sponsors give financially and pray regularly—he needs one—as do 13 others.
  2. The staff there needs prayer for strength, refreshment, compassion and unity.
  3. We need more funds now! We want to state two things plainly:
    • We are in a financial constraint needing about $12,000 this month.
    • God is so faithful, we’ve never had to make known a need like this; so, we just ask you to pray that many will respond to His leading to give.

Thank you for praying, caring and giving, may God continue to bless and guide you.

Group of young kids

Lots of kids smiling

October 2014 Newsletter

Almost ten years ago the Lord gave birth to an idea that would become The Passion Center for Children. Working in the rural villages of Malawi, The Passion Center is an example of God using the “discarded” by the world’s standards to demonstrate His overcoming power and grace.

But God has chosen the foolish things of the world to shame the wise. God chose the weak things to shame the strong. 1 Corinthians 1:27

Read more…

Girls smiling in Malawi

September 2014 Newsletter

It’s amazing how a smile, a touch, a word or our skills can be used by God to make a spiritually strategic difference in the life of an orphan, a widow, or a villager. We’ve seen it happen time and time again. Every year God uses individuals to remind the fatherless He hasn’t forgotten them; to demonstrate His love for a widow; or to emphasize there is Hope and a new future in Jesus!

What a wonderful opportunity we have to partner with God to rescue, redeem and restore “the least of these” and their villages. If you’ve ever dreamed of going to Africa or thought about being His hands and feet in places that desperately need His grace, then we encourage you to prayerfully consider going in 2015!

Since the Passion Center is involved in a variety of ministries, we are seeking individuals and groups with willing hearts and various abilities to help strengthen and expand God’s work in Malawi.

  • Help show love, compassion, kindness, and encouragement to hundreds of orphans, widows and villagers. They just might get a glimpse of God’s heart through you!
  • Inspire children in an intensive one week Passion Center Academy (also training and encouraging Malawian teachers). We pay all the school costs for Passion kids but we need educators to inspire them in education and raise the quality of education for all students.
  • Can you swing a hammer…lay some bricks…work with your hands? Then help us repair or rebuild the collapsing homes of orphans and widows.
  • Help train, mentor and teach Community Health Network volunteers—often the sole healthcare providers—to provide basic healthcare, First Aid and sanitation in over a hundred villages.
  • The Passion Center Soccer and Netball League allows us to reach thousands. Help us build into coaches, players and young fans through discipleship, clinics and outreach games. Consider playing on a team, bringing a team, putting on a clinic or leading a Bible study.

Contact us for more information on our February and Summer of 2015 Mission Trips. Thank you for your support and prayers. May God continue to bless and guide you!

Collage of photos from Malawi

The Passion college kids

August 2014 Newsletter – Snapshot of Malawi & 2015 Mission Trip Dates

Here’s a snapshot of some things that are happening in Malawi plus the dates for Mission Trips in 2015!

The Passion Center for Pastors

There are now 105 village pastors in Phase 1 of our new year-long Biblical training ministry, “The Passion Center for Pastors!” What an opportunity to equip and strengthen those with little Biblical training who are on the front lines communicating the Gospel and facing the growing presence of folk Islam. Please pray for these pastors and a great response to the Gospel. Read more…

Passion Center account on Instagram

Follow Us On Instagram

We are so excited to be launching our official Instagram tonight at 6pm Pacific Time/9pm Eastern Time! Follow us (thepassioncenter) for photos, videos and stories showing how the Lord is working through the Passion Center.

Set your alarms for 6PM PT/9PM ET to check out the first video tonight as the first post of our page. Like it, comment on it, and share it with others. Read more…

“You hear, O Lord, the desire of the afflicted; you encourage them and you listen to their cry, defending the fatherless and the oppressed, in order that man, who is of the earth, may terrify no more.”
Psalm 10:17–18